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Re: KDE filesystem structure

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On Wednesday 16 January 2002 06:44, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> Read carefully what the FHS says.  (You can find a copy in the
> debian-policy package.) According to section 3.8 /opt is for third-party
> addons.  If KDE is packaged for Debian by Debian developers it is not an
> addon and _does_not_ belong in /opt.

ok. then, it's clear the other solution would do it.

> Well I hope I've convinced you that it isn't.  Should such broken .debs
> actually make it into the archive they would get critical bugs almost
> immediately.

Reading James' mail convinced me that it was. Somehow I forgot about the 
"third party" stuff. That was of course what prevented using /opt

> > I was going to suggest creating /usr/lib/kde3, make this KDE prefix with
> > symlinks to whichever directories are appropriate. For instance there
> > would be a /usr/share/kde3, and /usr/lib/kde3/share would point to
> > /usr/share/kde3/
> Wasn't that Ivans' plan?

No, the one above was mine, you can find the mails to see when and how I 
suggested doing it, prior to anything Ivan said.

> > However, your quote does imply that redhat, suse, etc. packaging which
> > installs in /opt/kde3 is indeed FHS compliant. I wonder who was clueless
> > enough to think otherwise upon reading FHS.
> I for one.  And SuSe Red Hat have never impressed me with their adherence
> to standards.

Eh, James wrote in a pretty convincing way. Sorry. It was my bad.

> > Note that *everybody* except debian uses /opt/kde3,
> If it's not Debian it's CRAP! :-)
> Oh and btw, /usr/X11R6 and /usr/games were both UNIX traditions from
> before Linux and were grandfathered in to the FHS.  They really shouldn't
> exist.

Yes.. It does look inconsistent.


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