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Re: kwin, ctrl:nocaps and caps-tab messes up keyboard


Thankx for messing up my desktop ;) Well I apparently have the same
problem as you have. In my .xmodmap I have the following:

remove Lock    = Caps_Lock
keycode 0x42 =  Control_L
add    Control = Control_L

And I'm running kde from sid (updated shortly before the libpng stuff,
but not after).

So you are not alone out there....

I also have a strange logout problem, when I press the logout button it
starts to log me out but after a while the splash screen appears and I'm
back in again. I belive this is related to the Nvidia (closed source)
driver I'm running. But it doesn't seem to affect other window managers
so I'm not sure if it's a kde bug or not?


On Sat, 2002-01-12 at 05:45, Martins Krikis wrote:
> Thanks everybody for helping me with the kword crash issue.
> I learned to report bugs, got the courage to borrow kword
> from sid and the crash is gone.
> Now I'm wondering whether anybody has noticed this and has
> a solution:
> I'm running XFree86 4.1 and have the XkbOption "ctrl:nocaps"
> enabled, i.e., my Caps-Lock should behave exactly as Ctrl.
> This used to really be so until the last KDE upgrade in woody,
> my kwin now is version 2.2.2-1. If I do desktop-switching
> through Ctrl-Tab, everything is fine. If I do it through Caps-Tab
> then things get quite messed up: the keyboard no longer works at all,
> the mouse pressed in xterm-s behaves as if Ctrl was being held
> down (gives VT menus, which seem to work), and the only way
> I've found out of this is to use the mouse to open yet another
> xterm and then click some more and then... well not sure due
> to what but eventually things get back to normal in most cases.
> I believe I tried this with some other window managers and I
> think I once ran xev on this---the problem does seem to be
> kwin specific and I don't think I got much smarter from xev.
> This is kind-of along the lines of some reported problems
> about alt-tab switching in older kwin-s but different.
> Does anybody know what's going on? Is kwin trying to do something
> funny with what xkb should be taking care of? I guess I should
> enter a bug, right?
> Thanks,
>     Martins
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