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Re: kwin, ctrl:nocaps and caps-tab messes up keyboard

I think we quickly digressed into at least 3 different problems here...

I only have the Caps(as ctrl)-Tab problem. This is happening on two
different machines (Matrox Millenium II, Savage IX), so it isn't NVidia's

I definitely don't have the logout problem (but I use almost pure
Woody, only my kword is from Sid).

The window flickering in and out of focus I've seen before, a long time
ago, I think it was related to the ALT-Tab problem, which no longer

I'm a little surprised that using Xmodmap (as opposed to Xkb) to make
Caps be a Ctrl results in the same kwin problem... Can't express why,
it was just my gut feeling that Xkb extension is somehow too subtle
for kwin and that that's the whole problem. BTW, about half a year
ago kwin worked (and both Alt-Tab and Caps(in role of Ctrl)-Tab worked.

Sounds like I should finally report a bug. I hope kde in unstable
is getting stable enough for me to upgrade, which I'll probably be asked



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