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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

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On Friday 18 January 2002 00:06, Yven Johannes Leist wrote:
> nice ice to hear :-)
> BTW this is sort of offtopic now, but what is the current state of the
> objprelink kde and qt optimizations?
> After Ivan decided not to do this any longer, I tried to do it myself, but
> just ended with a completely broken libqt and kde packages :-)
> Any ideas how to do this properly, or when this much needed optimization
> will be in the official kde packets again (either via objprelink or of
> course even better through new binutils) ?

I will try to do it in my own build environment, and if I have any success I 
will tell Chris who maintains KDE3 packages.

You are correct, any optimization is needed. If somebody paid me to develop 
for KDE, the optimizations for linking and XML UI would be my first priority. 
It takes like 5 seconds to start konqueror, it's insane.

A desktop environment should be usable on a low-end system.


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