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Re: KDE filesystem structure

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Hi David,

On Wednesday 16 January 2002 00:23, David Bishop wrote:
> If you re-read what I said, I was complaining about how KDE uses that
> approach: everything in the same directory.  IOW, I already understand how
> it works, and even partly why, but don't like it :-)  I would *like* to be
> able to have a debianized kde "base" system, and also be able to compile
> *some* apps locally (kpilot in particular) without having to worry about
> conflicts. IOW, the /usr prefix is fine, I just want /usr/local to work as
> well B-) Now, as I have not volunteered to get off my buttocks and figure
> out a clean way to achieve this goal, let alone actually *doing* it, all I
> can do is offer my opinion accompanied by smilies...  I obviously like KDE
> (and debian!), so this isn't a showstopper for me, but it sure would be
> nice...

I suggest you to develop your own applications with your own KDE build, 
that's how (almost) all KDE hackers work.

OTOH, you can have a debianized kde base system and be able to compile apps 

You can install your applications to /usr/local rather easily making use of 
KDEDIRS environment variable (which must be set prior to starting KDE of 
course). I maintain both a /usr/local (for KDE 2 apps) and /usr/local/kde3 
for my KDE3 coding.

However, the best is to develop for KDE3, and then write a simple packaging 
script for debian so installing it on a debian system is a snap.


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