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Re: kde not starting as normal user

Hi again,

I still have problems in starting kde as a normal user - and i have no idea what's wrong ....

I tried the following:
I started XFree only with a xterminal - whithout any windowmanager - if i now enter
"startkde" to the xterminal -  kde should be started.

This works for the root user - but not for noraml users - they get the fllowing messages:

In the xterminal:
bash-2.05a$ startkde
Aborting. bind() failed: : Permission denied
Aborting. bind() failed: : Permission denied

As a window without a frame: (translated in english - i'm sorry :-))
A Problem in setting up the communication beetween the
kde-processes appeared. The Message of the System was:
Could not read network connection list.

Please  ensure that the programme "dcopserver" is running !

If i start dcopserver manually on the commandline and try it again - the the window complaining about the dcopserver does not appear anymore - but then i get an other
bash-2.05a$ dcopserver
DCOPServer up and running.
bash-2.05a$ startkde
Aborting. bind() failed: : Permission denied
KSMServer: can't open /tmp/ksocket-marc/KSMserver-:0: Permission denied
KSMServer: Aborting.
connect() failed: : No such file or directory

What can I do ?

Help me :-))




Marc Schöchlin wrote:

Hello folks,

I have a very ugly problem with kde - I'm searching this bug for a long time (7-10 Days)-
but I was not able to solve the problem.
Maybe there are some "real" kde-gurus which only smile about this problem,
and can give me a solution.... :-)

On my system normal users are not able to login in kde - it doesn't matter if I startup
kde from GDM or from console with startx.
If i startup kde i can see for a short period of time the dotted x-screen, after that i saw my kde2 backgroundcolor,
then the procedure returns back to console or GDM.
The kde splashscreen is not shown....

The courious thing is that starting kde works very well for the root-user, and starting other
desktops (i.e. gnome) as normal user works also.

Therefore I suppose that this is not a xfree-problem - although there are
some messages in the Xfree-Log.

I'm not sure since when the probblem occures - three things were happen:

- My girlfriend powers off my box without making a shutdown *grr*
- I played with the euro-key-support (iso8859-15)

What can I do ?

My system-data:

- Debian-Woody
- KDE -- 2.2.2-13
- XFree86 -- 4.1-0-13
- Kernel 2.4.17
- Matrox G450 Dualhead VGA-Adapter (running with xinerama)


Marc Schoechlin

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