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Re: libqt just broke again

>> Yes, can anyone provide these someplace?
>Why not just use -19?
Because, according to JDFreels, -19 broke the icons that had been working
on his system, but down-grading back to -18 fixed it.

For myself, I'm not sure what versions I have of what, but after checking a
few more things at home, I've got:

kmail is missing icons, even though it starts from the previously saved
konq has icon, when I start it from the menu, but no icons if I start it
from the command line.
kdevelop and quanta+ both have their icons. I didn't try these from the
command line.
I get no KDE splash screen when I log in.

Personally, I'm just going to wait the two weeks or so that Chris suggested
it should take to revert everything back to libpng2 and then do a proper
dist-upgrade when everything is working again.

I am guessing this will be the version that will be in woody when it

And KDE3, with libpng3 will go into unstable after that? Unless it's
another year or more before the freeze actually occurs.


     John Gay

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