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KDE filesystem structure


I've been programming software with KDevelop for a while now and recently 
noticed my help system has stopped working - I think this is since KDE 2.2.2 
(i.e. it used to work with KDE 2.2.1). I have always used the variable 
$(kde_htmldir) in the makefiles to install the documentation in the right 
location, for example for my program kcast, the help file index.docbook gets 
installed to $(kde_htmldir)/kcast/index.docbook. Unfortunately, the if you go 
in to the help system, you can browse through the application section and 
find my icon (I assume it works it out from the .desktop file) but it can't 
find the documentation itself.

A little investigation shows that my documentation has found it's way into 
/usr/share/doc/HTML/en/... whereas all the other kde docs are to be found in 

The reason for this seems to me to be that the automake/autoconf (sorry I 
can't remember which one it is ;) macro that finds the kde prefix has 
obviously quite rightly found /usr as the kde prefix on debian, and then 
assumed that the documentation path is share/doc/HTML/en. The problem is, for 
some reason the documentation has been moved on debian. I could change my 
makefiles, so that they used $(kde_datadir)/doc/kde/HTML/en for example, but 
then the install would not work on systems like SuSE, where they use the 
standard kde layout. Can I suggest that KDE documentation on debian is moved 
back to /usr/share/doc/HTML/, to conform with other kde distributions? I 
realise the kde maintainers are a little busy at the moment ;) so I'm not 
expecting instant results, but I thought it might be worth sparking the 
debate since it might involve co-ordination from application developers.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading (sorry so long ;)

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