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Re: euro symbol

Ciao :)

At 11.08 07/01/02 +0100, Hendrik Sattler wrote:

Am Montag, 7. Januar 2002 10:14 schrieb Michele Mariottini:
>          ... it seems as some apps can not handle very well the euro symbol
> ... or maybe I'm able to handle it ...
>     is there some howto for kde or some particular infos ?

My experience so far: all kde2.2 (with X4.1) apllication and all gtk+(gnome)
application can handle it. The right font (unicode or -15) must be installed
and selected and and you may want to set something like *looking at your
email adress* something like LANG=it_IT@euro.ISO8859-15 in /etc/environment.
But that can all be found with google or the debian-euro-howto.

I saw debian-euro-HT, and I configured my system ... but ... for example in Gnumeric 0.70, I can not see all the fonts that xfs-xtt loads ... I see only some fonts with no iso8859-15 ... I can digit the euro symbol but it does not appear into the cell ... probably becasue the fonts usable are not iso8859-15 ...
        With gimp I can see all the fonts (ttf too) and use them ...
My kernel is built on iso8859-15 ... what can I do to get all the fonts in gnome apps ? And kde apps ... for example kate does not type euro symbol ... kspread shows it (in doc made with others app such as gnumeric) but I can not input it ..

        What's our experience in gnome office apps ?

   bye :)

Miki :)

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