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Re: Fix for KDE source distributions

On Thursday 17 January 2002 7:09 pm, Achim Bohnet wrote:
> Unfortunately it does not a fix for Debian KDE:
> 	o using kdeconfig from Debian gives you
> 		 /etc/kde2
> 		/usr/bin
> 	   etc.  But admins should install every non deb stuff
> 	   below /usr/local.

If I understand you correctly, you're asking how to force it to ignore 
kde-config (which is set up for the Debian KDE packages), and install to your 
KDE CVS installation or whatever, to do this the line

./configure --disable-path-check --prefix=/usr/local/kde2

Might help. Unfortunately, this is a relatively obscure option, not listed 
under ./configure --help (well.. it comes under --disable-FEATURE, but I 
wouldn't expect you to know this was the name of the feature if you hadn't 
hacked the code). I may therefore try and add it into the ./configure --help 
output since it seems like a useful option.

I'm wondering if you mean you have KDE installed from Debian, but you want to 
install you're third party app to /usr/local. AFAIK, this is not possible 
(correct me if I'm wrong), on any system, be it debian or linux from scratch 
;). Also, AFAIK, as a sysadmin, you are not obliged to use /usr/local, it's 
just there and protected from use by external packagers in case you want to 
install your own stuff and not have it messed around with.

> 	o problem with /etc/kde2 is not fixed.   kde-config --install config
> 	  'always' returned /etc/kde2.  Nevertheless it's not used during
> 	  run time (see below).  Therefore for the config entry in /etc/kderc
> 	  is required and can not be used to define KDE stuff that's
> 	  installed below /usr/local/. :(
> Here a demonstration of of the /etc/kde2 problem.  I was too
> stupid/sleepy to figure out what goes wrong in kdestdirs.* code :(
> ds10(1) ~ > kde-config --install config
> /etc/kde2
> ds10(0) ~ > su - -c "mv /etc/kderc{,.save}"
> Password:
> ds10(0) ~ > kde-config --install config
> /etc/kde2> ds10(0) ~ > kde-config --path config
> /home/ach/.kde2/share/config/:/usr/share/config/
> ds10(0) ~ > su - -c "mv /etc/kderc{.save,}"
> Password:
> ds10(0) ~ > kde-config --path config
> /home/ach/.kde2/share/config/:/usr/share/config/:/etc/kde2/
> ds10(0) ~ >
> 	You see /usr/share/config is compiled into (kdestddir*)
> 	not /etc/kde2.   And this is the reason why /etc/kderc
> 	is there at all.

This, I would hypothesize, is the reason that it doesn't actually seem to 
matter if you use /usr/share/config for your third party apps, either 
location seems to suit, but according to /usr/doc/kdebase/README.Debian, 
/etc/kde2 is the correct path.

Again for installing to a different KDE location should be possible using the 
--disable-path-search mentioned above.

I think my system is appropriate, since kde-config --install <whatever> 
*should* be working out to the best of it's abilities the correct location to 
install to (that's what kde-config --help says anyway).

I'm not too sure if that answers your question, if I've missed something you 
may have to clarify (sorry ;)


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