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Re: libqt2 - 18 Works

>I'm not saying much for 2 reasons.
>  1) I've been out of town and have not had the time to respond to email
>  2) The problem is NOT in libqt
>There is no problem with the dependencies.  The problem lies in libpng.

1)   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ivan!
2)   Thanks for a proper explaination of the root cause of this issue.

It has only slightly affected me, but at least I saw all the other mails
before it did hit me too hard.

3)   I imagine this might have a serious effect of the freeze of debian,
since it seems to effect more than just KDE?

There has been a little cross-posting from debian-devel that shed a bit
more light on this issue but for the non-techies, like me, it was a while
before I realised the two threads were related. I am guessing that since
this major change to libpng has hit unstable before the next phase of the
freeze, we can hope this will be sorted and included into the next version
of Debian?

4)   What is the current state of KDE in unstable? Is it safe to upgrade a
testing system using unstable kde, or should I wait a bit more? With 56K
moden access and pay-per-minute phone charges large upgrades are expensive
for me, and others.

Finally, Thanks for all the work and dedication from Ivan and others.
Norman Jordan has reported uploading 'fixed' kdevelop packages, and I'm
sure Ben is/has/will update koffice when he can and I know there are many
more who help make life for the rest of use 'users' easier due to their


     John Gay

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