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Re: libqt2 - 18 Works

On Thursday 03 January 2002 09:45, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 09:32:47AM +0100, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> >
> > It is NOT fixed.. The problem lies in the dependancies.. The newest libqt
> > conflicts with older kde-packages. And the new KDE-packages depends on
> > libqt 2.3 -18.. I have stayed away from the new libqt, but when upgrading
> > to the most recent kmail yesterday I lost all icons in kmail.
> >
> > Since Ivan isnt saying much, can't someone PLEASE make a non maintener
> > update to fix the dependencies?
> I'm not saying much for 2 reasons.
>   1) I've been out of town and have not had the time to respond to email
>   2) The problem is NOT in libqt
> There is no problem with the dependencies.  The problem lies in libpng. 
> All I did with a new libqt upload was force a resolution before the problem
> occured.   libpng3 is not backwards compatable and yet both -dev packages
> provide libpng-dev.  And since most qt/kde packages depend on libpng2-dev |
> libpng-dev there would eventually be a problem.  Shoot, we didn't even know
> there was a problem until I rebuilt libqt with the newer png and uploaded
> it.
> And just because I'm not saying much on this mailing list about something
> doesn't mean there is justification for a non maintainer update.  There is
> a procedure for that and someone who doesn't know the full jist of the
> problem is far from the right person to call for one.

Oh sorry.. I expected you was away and not aware of the problems with the new 
For my understanding of the problem, you are are right in that the problems 
are not in libqt, but it still creates new dependencies for libqt and 
kde-packages depending on libqt! 
The problems occur when combining packages that are build against libpng3 
with ones that are build against libpng2, therefore these packages should 
right now conflict if there is not solution in sight for libpng. 
I am only asking you to set these dependencies so that users cant upgrade 
libqt without also upgrading all the KDE-packages and vice-versa. 


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