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Re: libqt2 - 18 Works

On Tuesday 01 January 2002 00:26, Robert Tilley wrote:
> I recently had problems with lost icons and downgraded to libqt 2.3.1-17
> from 2.3.1-18 which seemed to solve the problem.
> In a recent system update, libqt was again upgraded to -18 and icon problem
> recurred.  Later that night 12-31-01, around 1900 hours I did another
> system update (apt-get update, -f install, dist-upgrade).
> libqt was still 2.3.1-18 but the icon problem had vanished.  I did log out,
> restart my X-server, and log in.  Regardless, the problem is gone from my
> system.
> Thanks to all the hard-working KDE developers and Debian packagers!

Is this confirmation that the icon problem is fixed, or just one lucky person?


	John Gay

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