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Re: kde not starting as normal user

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 11:06:26PM +0100, Marc Schöchlin wrote:
> On my system normal users are not able to login in kde - it doesn't 
> matter if I startup
> kde from GDM or from console with startx.
> If i startup kde i can see for a short period of time the dotted 
> x-screen, after that i saw my kde2 backgroundcolor,
> then the procedure returns back to console or GDM.
> The kde splashscreen is not shown....
> The courious thing is that starting kde works very well for the 
> root-user, and starting other
> desktops (i.e. gnome) as normal user works also.

Last time I had this problem it was because I'd run some kde commands as
root via sudo. I was testing some stuff and didnt feel like changing
groups/setting new permissions. The fallout was that it made
~/.DCOPserver* owned by root and a few other files under ~/.kde as well. 

I wound up loggin in as root, killing all running processes running as my
login and doing a chown -R user /home/user 

That fixed it for me. Hope that helps. You might also want to clean up
/tmp also in case there's anything in there with bad ownership.

Lesson Learned: some kde apps are not sudo friendly.

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