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Re: Current state of KDE now?

On Sunday 13 January 2002 23:41, Ben Burton wrote:
> > Based on the latest messages, I am guessing that the core KDE packages
> > are updated, but, among other things, KOffice is waiting until Ben can
> > get to a better connection, or some else does the updates for him.
> If it turns out to be the former, the koffice updates will be this coming
> weekend when I return to Melbourne.  At the moment the only connection
> between my laptop and the net is via floppy disc.
> Ben.
So I'm hoping you mean this weekend, before the 21st? The current list of 
koffice packages to be installed are 1:1.1.1-3 so I am assuming I need to 
watch for 1:1.1.1-4?

I sucessfully updated most of my kde by doing a apt-get -s dist-upgrade | 
grep 2.2.2 and then using install to fetch all the kde packages listed. I'll 
now be using grep k to find anything I might have missed, but I know that no 
matter how I grep, I'll still be missing something.

Thanks to everyone for all their hard work in getting KDE back on track!


	John Gay

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