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Koffice printing

Hi all,

I've read the FAQs and bugreports, so I know this has been an issue
before. I still wish to get som more information.

When printing from the embedded imageviewer in Konqueror I had no problem
printing an image on my Epson C20UX USB-printer. I'm using CUPS and
gimp-print. The printing dialog is a CUPS-aware dialog.

It seems like Koffice is not CUPS-aware, is it not using the CUPS aware
printing system in KDE 2.2.2 ?
I was able to print from Koffice using CUPS (or rather CUPS fake lp)
after I had read through FAQs and maillist archives, but images were not
included, which I found have been an issue in the Debian Koffice .debs
before. KDE bug report #33474 (http://bugs.kde.org/db/33/33474.html).
There has been no follow up on that bug report, and it is dated 8 Oct

What I do not know is if this is a problem with the Debian release of
Koffice, or if it is a problem using CUPS's lp. Is it gimp-print related?
Or even gs-related? I'm not good at bugtracking these thing because of my
not-yet-good knowledge in cups / kde / koffice.

Anyway, my main concern is now to try getting up a qtcups print dialog
instead of the one used by koffice. It would be a lot better than using
the lpr printing. The best would be to have koffice use the KDE printing
manager, thus it would pop up the same dialog as the imageviewer and allow
to change printing options without having to create pseudo printers.

Happy new year to all,

  -=< ZeiMoT >=-

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