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Re: filesystem discussion (my 2 cents)

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Am Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2002 11:38 schrieb Maximilian Reiss:
> Ok,
> having both (kde2 and kde3) in debian the both time might not be
> the best idea.
> Disadvantages:
>  - quite some trouble regarding where the files should go .-)
>  - would waste lots of  diskspace on the mirrors.
>  - Is it really needed? KDE3 supplies improved version of all kde
> core apps, and is normally stable on release date.
> So heres my suggestion:
> KDE3 is kept out of debian as long as it is really released. (KDE3
> release, probably a little bit later to catch some hot cvs upstream
> fixes .-) ). The KDE3 moves into debian, and replaces KDE2, at
> least all the apps, that are allready ported to KDE3.
> For the other apps the kde2 kdelibs and kdebase-libs (probably some
> more) will stay in debian, als long as there are KDE2 apps not
> ported to KDE3. Same for the -dev packages, since it should still
> be possible to compile a KDE2 app and run it.
> This would cut the discussion above and would prevent a lot of
> trouble. Also we would get a hug from the mirror maintainers.
> Until the release of KDE calc could supply beta (KDE3 RC1) debs
> from an external apt source. (p.d.o).
> Here it could be considerable to use the --prefix=/opt/kde3
> (optional package) as long as it stays external and then change the
> prefix to /usr if it gets close to release time, or from an apt
> source as replacement allready for the installed kde2, conflicting.

I totaly agree with you in all points.


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