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filesystem discussion (my 2 cents)


having both (kde2 and kde3) in debian the both time might not be the best 
 - quite some trouble regarding where the files should go .-)
 - would waste lots of  diskspace on the mirrors.

 - Is it really needed? KDE3 supplies improved version of all kde core apps,  
 and is normally stable on release date.

So heres my suggestion:
KDE3 is kept out of debian as long as it is really released. (KDE3 release, 
probably a little bit later to catch some hot cvs upstream fixes .-) ).
The KDE3 moves into debian, and replaces KDE2, at least all the apps, that 
are allready ported to KDE3.
For the other apps the kde2 kdelibs and kdebase-libs (probably some more) 
will stay in debian, als long as there are KDE2 apps not ported to KDE3.
Same for the -dev packages, since it should still be possible to compile a
KDE2 app and run it.

This would cut the discussion above and would prevent a lot of trouble.
Also we would get a hug from the mirror maintainers.

Until the release of KDE calc could supply beta (KDE3 RC1) debs from an 
external apt source. (p.d.o).
Here it could be considerable to use the --prefix=/opt/kde3 (optional 
package) as long as it stays external and then change the prefix to /usr if 
it gets close to release time, or from an apt source as replacement allready 
for the installed kde2, conflicting.


P.S: before everybody who participated in the filesystemthread above and who 
wants to tells me that his/her idea is better, clear your mind a bit and 
thing about my idea .-). The discussion was in some parts just to emotional.
P.P.S: I would especially like to hear calcs comment on this.

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