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Fix for KDE source distributions


I've done a patch for the acinclude.m4.in file which defines how source 
distributions find the KDE install dirs that should make it work around the 
non standard layout in debian (see my earlier posts re: location of docs etc. 
someone has also mentioned the move of config files to /etc/kde2, which this 
should also work around).

I haven't attached the patch because I'm not sure how much interest there 
would be on this list. If you would like a copy either email me or get it 
from my project on sourceforge
It's only been hacked internally, so it should work as a drop in replacement 
for most KDE source distributions (might be worth a try if you cant get a 
distribution to install properly, anyway).

Note this patch is a little dodgy since I'm not very experienced with 
automake, I'm going to write to the kdevelop mailing list and see if anyone 
is interested in taking a look to check I haven't actually screwed it in any 
obvious way ;) If it turns out ok I will submit it to Stephan Kulow who 
appears to be the current maintainer so it might get included somewhere 
upstream, but I suspect it will be undergoing modifications for KDE3 so I 
don't know how it would fit in.


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