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HELP! - NFS Browsing in KLISA

I just started playing around with the NFS browsing section in KLISA and have run into a problem. The other sections of KLISA work fine (SMB, FTP, HTTP). I am using KLISA 2.2.2-11 from unstable.

I have setup a NFS "export" on another computer (legolas), and am trying to access it using KLISA. I can manually mount the NFS export on my computer as both "root" and as a "user", so I think I have the basic NFS setup correct... but don't know for sure.

My "problem" is that I can access it via KLISA when logged in as root, but not as a user. As a user, I can "see" the NFS folder on legolas, but I get a message stating "Authorization failed, legolas authentication not supported" when I click on the NFS folder in KLISA. When logged in as root, I don't get this message and am able to connect and browse to my heart's content. It doesn't seem to matter whether I have the export manually mounted or not...the KLISA behavior is the same.

From the above observations, I presume there is a permission or authoriztion problem somewhere, BUT I can't seem to figure out where. The "export" on legolas is a new directory (/pub) and is owned by root, group "staff", and has full permissions (chmod 777). I am a member of the "staff" group on both machines.

I am a novice to NFS...this is my first attempt to get it going, so I may have overlooked something in the basic setup of the NFS system. If anyone out there has this running/working on KLISA, I would really appreciate some pointers!! HELP!

-Don Spoon-

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