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Re: libqt2 libpng2 resolution

So, if I understand you correctly, you are going to revert qt back to the
old libpng2 rather than keep it at the new one, which Daniel is planning to
re-compile the rest of kde to?

This is just a temperary measure to fix the current majorly broken state of
KDE for the moment, right?

 Are you and Daniel planning to re-compile everything against the new
libpng and upload it in one go afterwards to reduce the headaches for those
of us tracking unstable and testing together?

At the moment, I've only got problems with kmail missing icons. konq has
its icon, unless I start it from the command line and I'm missing the KDE
splash screen when I log in. I have not checked the likes of kdevelop,
quata's+ or most of the rest of kde, because I haven't had much time and
ignorance is bliss : ).

I haven't done an update in a while, but I'm running testing with kde from
unstable, as that was more stable than testing. I'm just waiting until this
blows over and I can upgrade to a properly working kde. I've heard mixed
reports of some fixes but other breakages so I'm sitting on my hands to
keep from upgrading. Once I hear that the unstable kde is in good working
order again, I'll upgrade.

Thanks for picking up the pieces after Ivan had to drop kde. Several of us
were afraid we would have to wait through another version of Debian before
seeing kde in a stable branch.


     John Gay

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