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kwin, ctrl:nocaps and caps-tab messes up keyboard

Thanks everybody for helping me with the kword crash issue.
I learned to report bugs, got the courage to borrow kword
from sid and the crash is gone.

Now I'm wondering whether anybody has noticed this and has
a solution:

I'm running XFree86 4.1 and have the XkbOption "ctrl:nocaps"
enabled, i.e., my Caps-Lock should behave exactly as Ctrl.
This used to really be so until the last KDE upgrade in woody,
my kwin now is version 2.2.2-1. If I do desktop-switching
through Ctrl-Tab, everything is fine. If I do it through Caps-Tab
then things get quite messed up: the keyboard no longer works at all,
the mouse pressed in xterm-s behaves as if Ctrl was being held
down (gives VT menus, which seem to work), and the only way
I've found out of this is to use the mouse to open yet another
xterm and then click some more and then... well not sure due
to what but eventually things get back to normal in most cases.

I believe I tried this with some other window managers and I
think I once ran xev on this---the problem does seem to be
kwin specific and I don't think I got much smarter from xev.

This is kind-of along the lines of some reported problems
about alt-tab switching in older kwin-s but different.

Does anybody know what's going on? Is kwin trying to do something
funny with what xkb should be taking care of? I guess I should
enter a bug, right?



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