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Re: KDE3 question

On Saturday 12 January 2002 11:35, Daniel Weller wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm trying to install KDE3 and so far everything ran well, except that I
> couldn't compile kdebase because configure says:
> checking various X settings... failed
> configure: error: /usr/bin/X11/xmkmf (imake) failed.
> Make sure you have all necessary X development packages installed.
> I've apt-get'd xlibs-dev, xlib6g-dev and xlibmesa-dev - and it still
> doesn't work. Anyone know what I've got to get?
I had same problem after upgrading Xlibs to the recent -12, I simply 
downgraded it to -11 and now it works again.. I would recommend awaiting a 
bug-fix from Brandon before upgrading X, if you use the -dev packages.


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