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Re: Interpreting FHS

On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 08:25:15PM +0200, Eray Ozkural (exa) wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 January 2002 16:53, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> >
> > But kde in /opt is sick. You cannot say:
> > this app is an KDE2 app, so install it in /opt/kde2
> >
> > This way, you do not look at packages which are somewhat KDE2 but not
> > completely (e.g. licq).
> > Then you probably say: it is only for main KDE. Well that does not make
> > sense either.
> Tell this to kdecore hackers who designed it that way, and that way is being 

Eray, get it through your head! KDE core hackers are NOT Debian
packagers, they're upstream! If we did everything the upstream way, we'd
have stuff like apache with its default setup in /usr/apache - thus,
/usr/apache/bin, /usr/apache/lib, which is just braindamaged for a
distribution to do - anyone will tell you that.

Oh, wait, that's what you want for Debian.

> used by everybody else including unices other than linux. It's messed up just 
> in debian. And may I add that KDE hackers loathe the debian packaging 
> somehow? [*] There is some major misunderstanding there, some not-so-wise 
> people somewhere decided that the common KDE installation applied in other 
> distributions is not FHS compliant, althought it *is*, and now everybody and 
> his dog thinks that /opt/kde3 violates FHS. It would be much more consistent 
> if kde was just there in /opt/kde3. I don't say anything about KDE2, it's 
> already obsolete. Trying to change KDE2 packaging would not be a good idea.

Look, let me clear this up once and for all. Even if it doesn't violate
the FHS, it's shithouse.

We're setting a major precedent here. If you want to do this (not that
you're even the maintainer), talk to -devel. Setting precedents is NOT
-kde's decision.

> Now is a good time to follow wisdom of KDE hackers and install it in 
> /opt/kde3 as we should. So that we don't have all of KDE cluttering the whole 
> filesystem namespace (such as /usr/share/<x>)

I don't want my frigging /opt namespace cluttered. I don't have anything
there, but if we jump, EVERYONE will follow. We are not jumping.

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