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Re: Kword crash on save

Marc Britten <yugami@monochromatic.net> writes:

> On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 22:32, Martins Krikis wrote:
> > I'm using Woody and all my packages are up-to-date
> > (with the minor SNAFU that koffice wants python-base
> > and something else wants python-1.5 (or vice-versa),
> > and they conflict, but I've kept everything necessary 
> > for koffice and removed all other conflicting stuff).

> use reportbug to report the bug to the maintainer, this will give him a
> snapshot of your box(ie what packages you have installed) and take what
> you report and get a real bug report going on the issue

Well, I can't... It's part of the aforementioned SNAFU...
Maybe that's part of my problem (although the package problem
has existed way longer than kword has been crashing).

reportbug recommends python-newt, which depends on python (>= 2.1).
koffice depends on kivio, which depends on python-base (>= 1.5.2-2).
python conflicts with python-base.

End of story, at least for dselect users. How does everybody else
fight this nonsense?


  Martins (just krikis before @, if answering directly, please)

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