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Re: KDE filesystem structure

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Hi Jadhar,

It seems that your reasoning that "/opt is reserved for things like Loki 
games" is incorrect. See my mail titled "Interpeting FHS".

I recommend you to re-read the relevant section of FHS without resorting to 
certain preconceptions such as "In Debian /opt is not used". It is written in 
a plain and clear English that says no such thing as you say.

> If KDE is packaged for Debian by Debian developers it is not an
>addon and _does_not_ belong in /opt.

That is a serious misunderstanding of "add-on". By add-on here it means 
application software that is not essential for system functionality, such as 
KDE. Saying that "distribution provided" software is not "add on application 
software" is gross misunderstanding of the terms involved.

On the contrary, FHS says distributions can install software in /opt, except 
certain subdirs reserved for the system administrator.

Before you give an answer to this, please read the mail I mentioned, and 
section 3.8 in complete.


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