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Re: Interpreting FHS

> True, but putting the packages directly under /usr is so "flat",
> and makes it impossible to put them on another partition.  Maybe
> /usr/packages would be a better place, to (a) keep it under /usr,
> and (b) be able to mount it in a different partition.

Maybe a structure like this...

   + usr
     + kde2.2
       + kmail
       + konqueror
    + kde3
    + bin
      + kmail -> ../kde/kmail/bin/kmail

...or this...

    + usr
      + X11R6
        + kde -> kde2.2
        + kde2.2

...would help? Let's suppose /usr is mounted on a separate partition. Can you 
then mount /usr/kde2.2 to a separate partition as well if it seems to grow 
too big or do all mounted directories have to be in the root file system?

- Jarno

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