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Fwd: Re: KDE filesystem structure

On Tuesday 15 January 2002 12:06 pm, David Bishop wrote:
> Well, if it starts with a "K"..... ;-)

That's why I suggested that BOTH kde and gnome should be given
special directory treatment!  Politics!  :-)

> On a more serious
> note, that's what dpkg -S /usr/lib/foo.so is for: a quick way
> to know what belongs to who.

Yeah, and in windoze, all dlls are in \windows\system and
everything is in the registry.  Unices are supposed to be easier
to maintain, IMHO.  It should not be necessary to access some
registry in order to see at a glance what belongs to who.  At
least that should be true for the mega-systems like X, kde, and

> The only reason *I* can think of
> to seperate things is if they start stepping on each other's
> toes (use the same library, but different and incompatabile
> versions, but the same major version (it's happened)) and I
> don't know if it's to that point yet.

I think it's getting there.  "ls /usr/lib | wc -l" gives 1435 on
my pretty minimal system.

> The only problem I have
> with the packaging of kde is when I try to compile something
> like kpilot (to which I contribute very little) and install, I
> end up having to put stuff into /usr, just to get it to work
> (i've never successfully compiled a kde app into /usr/local
> and had it work).  However, that is no different than if it
> was in /usr/kde2, or /opt/kde or whatever.  IOW, it's a KDE
> problem, not a debian one :-)
> > Does the Debian policy ever change?
> Yes, see debian-policy :-)

Wish it would.  Maybe Daniel or Chris could lobby for it on
debian-dev.  It would sure clean things up for people who want
to keep up with both kde and gnome.

Oliver Johns <ojohns@metacosmos.org>
San Francisco, California USA
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