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Re: libqt just broke again

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 10:49:53AM -0500, James D. Freels wrote:
> What is the proper thing to do until these issues get fixed?  What I did 
> before was create my own set of debs by building qt-x11 (that is where the 
> -18.deb files came from).  I am currently building my own set of debs again 
> for the -19 version.  I understand we have a mixture of kde packages that 
> depend on both png2 and png3.  Are we eventually going to have only png2 
> dependency for kde2 and png3 for kde3?  Is that the plan?  In the meantime, 
> shouldn't we have only libpng2 dependency in the Sid tree for kde2 ?

Yes, libpng2 will be used for qt-x11 (libqt2) and libpng3 will be used for
qt-x11-free (libqt3). qt-x11 (libqt2) was installed into sid yesterday,
kdelibs will be installed today, and kdebase will be installed tomorrow.
After that I will be building all remaining packages.  Each of those first
three packages are known to take ~ 40+ hours on m68k to compile. The packages
should be ready to be installed into woody within 12 days, if all other RC
bugs are resolved.


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