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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

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On Thursday 17 January 2002 23:33, Daniel Stone wrote:
> As I keep telling you, KDE developers are upstream. We're Debian. We
> decide what goes where when you type "apt-get install kde". Without
> condescention, they pump out a desktop environment, we package it. The
> two generally don't overlap and shouldn't. Leave the distributing to the
> distributors.
> The two arguments I've heard from you so far can be boiled down to:
>   * Solaris, SuSE, <insert commercial UNIX here> does it, so it must be
>     good!

>   * KDE hackers think it's k00l!

Your analysis is right. The latter was the basis of my argument.

I give up on /opt, it's impossible to put files in /opt even if FHS allows 
it. I should also give up on /usr/lib/kde3 because nobody liked that idea; 
I've asked people on #kde and here on debian-kde now, it's enough. The 
/usr/share/kde change that calc said he's going to make should be enough.


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