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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

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Hi Daniel,

I recommend you to read section 3.8 of FHS. Someone who talks so knowingly of 
FHS should take the time to read it, too.

On Thursday 17 January 2002 17:22, Daniel Stone wrote:
> >
> > Except that, it seems to be in "violation of FHS" to not support reserved
> > subdirs of /opt intended for local administrator's use, such as /opt/bin
> > and /opt/lib. They should exist on a default install, and binaries in
> > /opt/bin should be in $PATH, etc.
> And binaries in /opt/kde3/bin? And /opt/apache/bin? And ... you get the
> point. How large do you want $PATH to be? And before you can say
> "symlink", we can't screw around with /opt/bin, either. And providing
> one wrapper script for every binary is MESSY, and SUCKS imho. How many
> KDE binaries are there? The answer is: $toomany.

There are reserved directories, under which the distributions do not touch. 
/opt/bin is one of them, and it's a directory that the local admin manages. 
/opt/bin should be in $PATH I said, and /opt/lib in library search path. I 
said nothing about /opt/<package>/bin if you would care to notice. /opt/bin 
and /opt/<package>/bin serve different purposes.


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