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Re: Fresh install of kde from woody

Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@home.com> wrote:

Hi, With all this talk about people falling back, and pkgs being slow to move from sid to woody, what would happen if I made a
complete woody install to a blank disk?  Would kde work?  Or,
is it broken because of the libqt2/libpng2 problem and take
14 days to fix, and then, only be in sid?

Also, would it be a complete kde 2.2.1?  (Dare I ask for 2.2.2?)

Would it be better to build the woody kde from source?


Despite my earlier elation ("Lord, Love-A-Duck..."), the upgrade to the newer libqt2-19 turned into a real disaster for me. I was using KDE 2.2.2 from SID, and although I regained "some" icons I was missing before, I lost a LOT more. In the process of attempting a recovery, other programs started dropping off-line (Control Center would not start, etc).I dunno if this was a result of the new libqt2, or my bumbling around. I decided that "enuf was enuf" and reverted back to the KDE in Woody. I really didn't want to wait 7 to 14 days right now to get back a "working" KDE install on this machine.

It is amazing just how many KDE packages get removed when you remove libqt2 from your system <grin>. It did almost a complete "purge" of my SID KDE install!! It left a few packages, but nothing that interfered with the kdebase install from Woody. I did have to do a bit of "magic" with --force-overwrite or pulling a few selected packages from SID to get kde-crypto, koffice, and kde-extras installed.

Anyway, the version of KDE in Woody as of early morning, 8 Jan 02 was a mixture of KDE 2.1.2, 2.2.1, and 2.2.2 packages. It needed a few packages from SID (kivio, etc) in order to get all the pieces working. I did a rather "full" install (kde-extras, koffice, kde-crypto, etc.) Most importantly. it DOESN'T have the libqt2 / libpng3 icon "problem" currently seen in SID!!

I can now "upgrade" gracefully from Woody (hopefully) as the newer packages appear, while still having a functioning KDE install. I really doubt I will try SID again. Everytime I do, I get into a bind like this that exceeds my intelligence and experience! It usually results in a purge / re-install back to a "lesser" but more stable version. I am getting to old for this....

Submitted FYI.

-Don Spoon-

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