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Kword crash on save


I've looked through tons of bug reports and searched ad nauseam
on Google, but can't find a solution:

  my Kword crashes (segfaults) on save.

I have never even customized its configuration or anything, so it is
"right out of the box". And it crashes always, even with an empty
document. I know it worked around 12/20/01, so it is a relatively
recent problem. I have done upgrades since, but not sure what
exactly got upgraded; I don't think it was koffice.

I'm using Woody and all my packages are up-to-date
(with the minor SNAFU that koffice wants python-base
and something else wants python-1.5 (or vice-versa),
and they conflict, but I've kept everything necessary 
for koffice and removed all other conflicting stuff).

The problem occurs on two different machines (same packages, more or less),
and caused my wife to utter the words "from now on I will use only
MS Word"... she lost a full page of text (a late first save).

My kword is KWord 1.1 (pre-beta2) (Using KDE 2.2.2).
No debugging symbols, of course.

Sorry for the long description.

Am I the only one with this problem? If so, could somebody using Woody
send me a list of their packages and versions (e.g., dpkg -l)? I could
compare and perhaps find a way out... Are there any other recommendations
for how I should proceed?

Any help will be much appreciated.

If answering directly, please remove "DELETE THIS" and leave only "krikis"
before @. I apologize for obfuscation but mailing lists have always exposed
me to spammers otherwise...

    Martins Krikis

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