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Re: Anti Aliased fonts in SID?

On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 02:59:27PM +1100, Mark Lee wrote:
> I was just curious to weather anti aliased fonts are included in SID's kde 
> 2.2.2.? I was reading the lists approximately 1-2 weeks ago and I noticed 
> DanielS say that he wasnt going to include the packages due to their 
> instability. Anyway my SID box hasn't been updated for about one month and to 

Yes, anti-aliased fonts are still available in the kde packages; however,

* they are not turned on by default, as they are currently "buggy as hell"

* any bug reports regarding anti-aliased fonts will probably be ignored

As far as my personal experiences with AA fonts go, yeah they seem to
work fine, especially once you tweak your XftConfig.  However, just the
fact that with AA turned on you cannot use any non-truetype fonts is
enough to trigger plenty of annoying bug reports ("where did all my
fonts go?").  This will be resolved in kde3.

Nathaniel W. Turner

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