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kde, woody and fonts


I'm using kde on a woody powered computer.
Since the last apt-get update, a few days ago, I've got a problem. The fonts 
selectable in kde are only a very small part of the X fonts avaible on my 
computer. In particular, I've no fixed font (a mess for konsole!!!)

xlsfonts and xfontsel are OK, as well as gtk and gnome apps, wich all lists a 
great deal of fonts.

I've tested to use or not the x font server xfs, to edit /etc/kde2/kde2.sh to 
comment or uncomment override.
I'm runnig with a french localisation, but I don't think the iso-8859-1 
default has anything to do with that (or?)

Any help welcome. 

PS: I'm not a subscriber to the list. I will of course read the archives in a 
few days, but any direct reply in CC would be appreciated
at Laurent.cooper@wanadoo.fr
PS excuse my poor english.
Debian powered computer

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