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Re: KDE filesystem structure

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Hi DanielS,

I wouldn't suggest those changes without thinking over how it would be done.

On Wednesday 16 January 2002 23:55, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Using that as the KDE root is just SILLY BAD WRONG EVIL.
> Do you also advocate having the apache root in /usr/lib/apache? After a
> while it starts to defeat the whole point of /usr/bin. What next? A
> Debconf note saying that you have to have "export
> PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/kde3/bin" in your ~/.<whatever> to be able to run
> startkde?

Apache is beyond the scope of discussion I think.

If you hesitate to read FHS carefully, you'll see that those issues have all 
been taken care of (somewhat).

The configuration goes to /etc/opt/<package>. Front ends for packages, 
binaries that the user can invoke from command line, can be linked to  
/opt/bin. Or wait, is the FHS being a bit vague here? 

       may provide "front-end" files intended to be placed in (by linking or
       copying) these reserved directories by the local system administrator,
       but shall function normally in the absence of these reserved

This is a serious ambiguity. Does this allow distributions to place symbolic 
links to /opt/bin automatically I wonder. I must ask the FHS people. If this 
can be clarified, there is absolutely no reason why /opt shouldn't be used in 
debian (except "hysterical raisins" which I don't take to be that relevant).

However, as you indicate, if FHS compliance requires that people should 
change their PATH variables to run software installed in /opt or use 
ridiculously long pathnames then it is clearly something that should be 
avoided. My feeling is that packages ought to be able to install front end 
files by linking into the /opt/bin, etc. However, that is discussion of the 
FHS and not discussion on debian KDE packages.


> I register my vote of disgust. It IS difficult, in fact, because it
> means we fuck around with how Debian has done things since well before
> the Dark Ages. When you ask people what the best thing about Debian is,
> they respond "policy" (in general; some say dpkg/apt). So what are we
> doing? Random crap, I hear you say?
> Don't.
> Please.

Of course I won't do any sort of change before there is some form of 
consensus. It's a small change, but without agreement it can't be done. Note 
that you are saying it is bad because it's a change to something old. :)

There are two choices KDE programmers favor:
  1) Installing into /opt/kde{version}
  2) Installing into /usr

Debian does the latter, but... kde2 vs. kde3.


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