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Re: Current state of KDE now?

On Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 12:51:34AM +0000, John Gay wrote:
> On Monday 14 January 2002 00:13, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > >?
> > >?progeny:~# apt-get -s dist-upgrade|grep kde
> > >? ?kde-devel kdebase-dev
> > >? ?balsa debian-policy kdebase-audiolibs lynx-ssl noatun-plugins vim
> >
> > Let 'em be removed, and just reinstall it later. I'm working to fix
> > this, but it's tricky.
> Dist-upgrade is looking to download 128M of packages, so I tried install kde, 
> but it's still the latest version? apt-get install kdebase is getting:

That's because the kde metapackage hasn't changed in version since you
last looked at it.

> but I know of no cleaner way to install these. I thought the whole reason for 
> meta-packages like kde was to allow a simple way to update a large group of 
> related packages. Has the kde meta-package been overlooked or have I missed 
> the point completely?

The whole point of the kde{,-extras,etc} metapackages was to allow you
to *install* a large group of related packages easily. If it was to
*update* a large group of related packages easily, we'd have to install
a new meta-kde every time we changed a KDE package. Icky.

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