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Re: [kde] anti-aliasing is *NOT* supported!

> Just to let you know that I will *not* support anti-aliasing. You can
> use it, but don't expect me to urgently follow up on bug reports
> involving AA, as it causes problems such as #123264. If you report an AA
> bug, I'll probably downgrade its severity and tag wontfix, because it's
> too buggy.

Ok, you're the boss now (;-) but whatever you do, please don't at least 
disable AA *support*, leave it out of binary packages etc!

It works very well at least on two computers I have tried so far and makes 
the desktop a *lot* more usable - provided the following is in 

  # Many true type fonts are optimized for point size 9-12
  # and look clearer without AA in those sizes:
  match any family == "*" edit antialias = true;
  match all size > 8 all size < 13 edit antialias = false;

(See http://iki.fi/elonen/devel/konq_aa.png for a screenshot. The page
title is antialiased as are the window title and small menu texts.)

And bug #123264 for example (huge fonts in konsole after AA enabled) was very 
easily fixed by just choosing the font manually from "[popup]/font/Custom...".

I don't think AA on KDE is particularily buggy and should, instead, be 
considered quite an important feature if we want to eventually build a 
desktop UI that can seriously compete with the commercial one(s). Look & feel
and usability are one of the areas we are most likely to fail in and 
therefore requires extra attention, IMHO.

- Jarno

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