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Re: KDE filesystem structure

On Tuesday 15 January 2002 8:06 pm, David Bishop wrote:
>  The only problem I have with the
> packaging of kde is when I try to compile something like kpilot (to which I
> contribute very little) and install, I end up having to put stuff into
> /usr, just to get it to work (i've never successfully compiled a kde app
> into /usr/local and had it work).  However, that is no different than if it
> was in /usr/kde2, or /opt/kde or whatever.  IOW, it's a KDE problem, not a
> debian one :-)

Speaking now as someone who programs apps for KDE (rather than a disgruntled 
debian user ;), the reason for this is as follows

Pretty much all KDE applications integrate to a certain extent with the KDE 
system itself, sometimes in ways that only make sense from a programmers 
point of view, not necessarily in ways which are very visible to the user 
(that directory /usr/share/apps is *packed* with kde stuff). This means that 
your KDE applications need to be installed under the same prefix as your KDE 
installation, in debian at the moment the prefix for the KDE packages is 
/usr, this means that when you compile a custom KDE app, you should use the 

./configure --prefix=/usr.

Alternatively, you can download and compile the whole of KDE from ftp.kde.org 
(or a mirror) and compile that with a prefix of your choice.


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