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Re: Current state of KDE now? (no big deal)

All I did was install libpng2, libpng3, libpng-dev and then 
manually delete libpng.so.3 and replace it with a symlink 
to libpng.so.2.  Not ideal, but everything works for now.  
Once the mess is resolved, just reinstall libpng3 package 
and you'll be all set.


On Sunday 13 January 2002 18:17, John Gay wrote:
> I've been patiently waiting to update since the entire
> libpng fiasco started. Based on the latest messages, I am
> guessing that the core KDE packages are updated, but,
> among other things, KOffice is waiting until Ben can get
> to a better connection, or some else does the updates for
> him. A simulation of apt-get dist-upgrade tells me, among
> other things, that the current version of KDE packages to
> be installed are:

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