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kpackage dependency conflicts w/ another kpackage dependency (rpm)

I only write because this is mildly amusing.  I have kpackage installed
on my box.  kpackage depends on rpm and librpm0.  I do a sid update just
now.  rpm has been upgraded.  It now depends on librpm4.  And librpm4
conflicts w/ librpm0.  So I decide to uninstall rpm.  I don't really
need it.  Ahh, can't do that.  Because kpackage insists it depends on
rpm.  So, I can't have rpm and kpackage installed at the same time
because of dependencies, but kpackage depends on rpm.  ;-)

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the maintainers for
what they do.  Things occasionally go wrong.  But there are a lot of
people that work to try to keep all of these pieces working together.
It really isn't easy.  Keep up the good work.


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