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[no subject] "connection closed by foreign host" can't telnet or pop a foreign server The "Do Not Call Sign" Up Info "E: Tried to deque a fetching object" "make dep" using debian's 2.4.22 source "modprobe: Can't locate module block-major-22" when booting - what to fix? "spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ7." "stable" security updates when installing "testing" (sarge)?? 'advanced' printing 'make-kpkg kernel-image' failure with kernel 2.6.0-testing8 (newbie), sysklogd freezes for minutes in booting ..802.11 wifi signal noise investigation tools? ..cute prompts in debian and knoppix? .muttrc for mailing list .procmailrc /!\ Knock off the idiot punctuation!!! !!11! Re: /!\ Probleme d IRQ en pcmcia /!\ /'? /dev/audio: No such device, do I have to recompile kernel? /etc/group changes don't take effect immediately /var/mail/<user> and /var/spool/mail/<user> /var/mail/<user> and /var/spool/mail/<user> - ignore question, bad me 19 and 22 september - did anything unusual happened? 2.4.0 GNOME in Sid 2.6-tes6 vs 2.6-tes5 about visor 2.6.0 + framebuffers + TNT2/GeForce4 2.6.0 + where is /etc/modules? 2.6.0-test8 PCI (?) troubles 2nd try? fontconfig? autohinter? anyone? 3com 3Ware SATA Raid 802.11(b|a|g) cards in Linux Instalación de Paquetes Akár 3000$ havonta! Akár havi 3000$ jövedelem! Akár havi pár ezer dollár kereset! Re: Instalación de Paquetes Re: problèmes sur bjc 4300 Re: problèmes sur bjc 4300 problèmes sur bjc 4300 Re: [DEB-USER] Re: Incremental CDR backups Re: [DEB-USER] Re: outlineing program? Re: [debian-user] International Characters Re: [debian-user] Mplayer Problem Re: [debian-users:38340] A new debian mirror in UTnet is wanted. [FIXED]Don't use gsfonts-other Was: Re: big troubles in little libc [Fwd: Re: segmentation_fault: qestion for help] [Linux 2.6] racoon questions Re: [mICQ] ANNOUNCEMENT: mICQ released [OT] - problem with java [OT] Cracked website at [OT] CVS diff: hard vs. soft tabs [OT] deleting pictures from digital camera via computer? [OT] dvd playback jitter Re: [OT] Grammar (WAS: Re: allowing a "normal" user to work efficiently) [OT] Grammer (WAS: Re: allowing a "normal" user to work efficiently) [OT] Internet time (Biel Mean Time) [OT] is swen evoluting ? [OT] kernel versioning: extra suffixes [OT] MS netmeeting doesn't recieve sound from gnomemeeting [OT] Re: Mplayer eating all CPU [OT] Resetting a serial port [OT] sed expression wildcard bafflement [OT] Segfaulting tutorial program [OT] Speech Recognition & Linux [OT] Speech Recognition, Linux & Wine Re: [Samba] Debian Sarge (testing), Samba 3.0 RC4 and Quickbooks RE: [SAtalk] Re: problem setting up spamassassin Re: [SOLVED] can't set hdparm -d1 and correct kernel config Re: [SOLVED] exim4 opening to many threads [solved] Re: dpkg needing to allocate 700MB of memory? [SOLVED] Re: Verify that spamc is using Bayesian? [SOLVED] Re: wxWindows + building from source in Debian Re: [solved] System refuses to load uhci instead of usb-uhci Re: [SOLVED]squirrelmail and exim send problem [ Re: 2nd try? fontconfig? autohinter? anyone?] [Virus detected] Re: [Waaaaaay OT] Grammar Re: [Waaaaaay OT] Grammer a2ps in unstable: config files have changed Abiword Abiword Font Qqestion Abnormal CPU usage... Re: Access fat-partition as user? Acer TravelMate 660: Need Debian References ACPI or APM Acronyms (was Re: reiserfs) AD 1980 audio driver Adaptec SCSI RAID 2010S and Woody addgroup problem Re: Adding a user with a dot (.) in his name: How? Adding more files to CD-RW using k3b Adding scsi devices ??? adduser broken Advanced printing... continued advise about bying ATI Gaphic card Re: advise about bying ATI Gaphic card - thanx ah shit mutt mistake AIDE output: Not implemented in db_readline_file 311 alerting users of expiring passwords All pdf attachments defanged by spamassassin allowing a "normal" user to work efficiently Re: Allowing any user to shutdown from gnome ALSA configuration for CT5880 onboard chip. ES1373? ES1371? amd 64 bit support ANNOUNCEMENT: mICQ released Another notch on Debian's belt! another spam attack? anti-spam idea for this list Re: Anti-Spam ideas for usenet/list harvested email addresses antispam, sylpheed? Any correlation between malloc return value and physical location? Any Debian package to manage Apache users ? Re: Any users of mondoarchive on debian boxes? Anybody using 2.6 kernel packages? Re: Anyone else notice that Swen is slowing down? anyone got X running on the new Medion Laptop? Anyone use mikmod? Anyone using apt-listchanges? Apache - groups - can anyone explain this? apache 1.3.28-4 on unstable Apache config issue - 403 from Alias Apache goes haywire, NSCD fixes it. Odd (solved) problem. apache-ssl and mod_dir apache/php4 bug or not? apache/woody/suexec : how?? Apache2 and.... php APM - Crash ? Re: Appearance of xterm in xdosemu? - PARTIALLY SOLVED application/x-java-vm in mozilla (unstable) apt apt broken Re: apt damaged need help to fix, Solved! apt damaged need help to fix. Apt error message Apt holdin back on me Apt preconfigures, but fails to install. Apt preferences: How to avoid a specific version of a package? Apt problem apt question: exclude certain packages from upgrading? apt-get allways asks cd-rom apt-get apache-ssl Re: apt-get dist-upgrade wants to remove too much?? Apt-get error with package diff apt-get install pkg and remove pkg on the same line?! apt-get install xfce4 or kde fails Re: apt-get ports apt-get problem Apt-get problems when my PC freeze apt-get query Re: apt-get upgrade: dpkg error apt-move and local "obsolete" files apt-move doesn't seem to function apt-proxy apt-proxy still maintained? apt: exporting and importing list of installed packages aptitude - finding broken packages The last update was on 07:40 GMT Mon Jul 08. There are 5853 messages. Page 1 of 12.

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