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apt-get problem

I recently have installed Woody recently and it does a great job so far!
I had a problem while installing xfonts-base package : the operation froze and would not complete even after a period of a few hours. I did ctrl-c to stop the process and I now have 1 package not fully installe or removed message. The problem is that it cannot be removed and it is impossible to install / remove any package as apt-get will try to reinstall xfonts-base each time any install / remove is done with apt-get (which still freeze the process). How can I bypass this problem of even better, clean the problem manually. Note that I have made a apt-get update and apt-get upgrate to get the most current package.

Here are my errors message :

remove an other package :

dpkp : serious warning files list file for package 'xfonts-base' missing, assuming package has
no files currently installed.
12118 files currently installed.)
Preparing to replace xfonts-base 4.1.0-16 (using ../xfonts-base_4.1.0-16.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement xfonts-base ...

<here it freezes>

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