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Re: 802.11(b|a|g) cards in Linux

On Wednesday 01 October 2003 23:50, Alex Malinovich wrote:
> I've been looking more at getting a wireless card for my laptop lately
> as my university is now nearly 100% covered with wifi access. I know
> that there is already good support for 802.11b cards available, but I'd
> prefer to go with something more modern. Preferably either a 802.11g
> card, or a combo 802.11a/b card. But I'm wondering how good the support
> I can expect is. Is anyone successfully using any combo cards or a g
> card in Linux? Any particular things to look out for? Recommended
> brands, chipsets, etc?

Look for the MadWiFi project. I was able to succesfully install and use a 
Linksys Wireless A+G PCI adapter in my desktop running SuSE 8.2 and madwifi 
drivers from CVS. There are some people on the list that have installed A/B/G 
cards in laptops, and some who are running Debian - so it is doable.

I ended up pulling the card out of my desktop and going wired Ethernet as the 
distance between my desktop and my WAP is a bit far and goes through a few 
walls. SIgnal strength was low and speed was low. I'm thinking of centrally 
locating my WAP this weekend and re-installing the Wireless A+G card again. 

Hmmm, project of the weekend. Either go wireless (again) or try to get Debian 
Woody running on my desktop. I couldn't quite figure out Alsa last time. 

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