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Re: [debian-user] International Characters

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On Wednesday 15 October 2003 19:28, Rüdiger Kuhlmann wrote:
> If you're in an UTF8 environment, you guarantee that all files on your
> system are encoded in UTF8. All I was saying is that any program that
> imports a file into your filesystem that's not in the specified encoding
> is broken. That in particular applies to mail clients, and any such
> client that doesn't cope with it should be deleted. Like elm and pine.

hmm... there are far too many programs who would have to be deleted... :(

> > window. If mutt can do internal recoding, then it's fine,
> Which is what I'm saying because it is expected behaviour. Your KMail is
> nothing special because it can do it.

It was not very long ago that KMail was the only mail client which could do that. Plus I can change the charset on the fly if a bOrken mail comes in which doesn't state its encoding in the header.
If other mail clients can do that too now, it's fine. I don't know about sylpheed and evolution now, but the last time I tried them thy couldn't do it.
I know that mozilla can do it too.

> > as long as the mails clearly state in their mime headers, which
> > encoding they use. Some mails don't do it.
> If it doesn't, then it isn't mail, but a piece of electronic garbage. And
> yes, some broken emailer from a well-known US software company sends a
> lot of those.

And unfortunately I get many of those... *grumble*

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