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apt-proxy still maintained?


I frequently encounter problems with streaming debs from apt-proxy,
(both stable and testing/unstable) getting error messages like

MD5Sum mismatch
404 File does not exist on any server

A second download is ok.

The bug reports indicate that this is a common problem and
the maintainer Chris Halls (6 Dec 2002) says that

> This should be fixed with apt-proxy version 2, which is a complete rewrite
> in Python and will enter experimental shortly.  It isn't worth the time
> trying to fix this in v1 because shell scripting wasn't really meant to do
> HTTP streaming and fixing it could take a lot of time.  

and from http://apt-proxy.sourceforge.net/#apt-proxy_v2 :

> Chris Halls took on apt-proxy in December 2001 to address the immediate
> shortcomings and make sure that apt-proxy would be ready for the Woody
> release.  Since then, Manuel Estrada Sainz was been working on version 2.

> Version 2 is a complete rewrite using Python and the twisted framework.
> The initial release will contain all the features of v1 plus a few extra
> goodies.  Most features are already implemented and the package is
> available as apt-proxy-v2 from the 'unstable' download area.

I have not noticed any release of the python apt-proxy v2 yet.
Apart from the mentioned flaw I'm very satisfied with apt-proxy
which helps to save a lot of bandwith. So I'd rather stay with
apt-proxy if I would have the hope that the problem is going to
be fixed.

Could anyone point me to some information about that status of
apt-proxy, or give me a hint how to fix the flaw, or recommend an

Thanks, Thomas

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