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The "Do Not Call Sign" Up Info

Friend, Here is the latest on the Do Not Call (DNC), regulations. As you may be aware, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay of a lower court ruling that deemed the Do Not Call registry unconstitutional. What this means is the FTC will be moving forward to enforce its DNC program. American Profiles will continue to comply with legislative mandates and respect a consumer's choice to limit telemarketing calls. All orders with phone numbers will require Subscription Account Numbers (SANs) for any end user who purchases telephone output. Now and in the future, any order with any telephone number output, will require the SAN to be associated with that order. To get a SAN, click on FTC Signup then click on the "National Do Not Call Registry" banner to aquire your SAN. End users that may be exempt from the DNC laws because they do telemarketing for: Non-Profit Fundraising Market Research Political Organizations A Subscription Account Number (SAN) is needed by American Profiles in these cases as well. These end users would register as an "exempt organization". Exempt telemarketers have the choice of removing or flagging DNC phone numbers. A SAN is required in both cases when placing orders. We have found a very good article regarding the impact of the "Do Not Call" lists which is posted for your convenience at this link: The Do Not Call Impact Have a Great Day and Good Luck! American Profiles
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