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Re: [debian-user] International Characters

>--[Arne Goetje]--<20030910antispam@gmx.net>
> On Tuesday 14 October 2003 20:40, Rüdiger Kuhlmann wrote:
> > >--[Arne Goetje]--<20030910antispam@gmx.net>

> > > Also keep in mind that especially asian people do not use UTF8 as
> > > encoding but their local one (SJIS, Big5, GB2312, etc.). These ones are
> > > not compatible with UTF8 and you will only see garbage even if you have
> > > the right fonts installed.
> > Sorry, but any mail client that doesn't cope with recoding (i.e. elm,
> > pine) should be put into history's garbage pile. And mutt copes quite
> > fine with it, as does konsole (KDE's terminal) (unlike xterm, which will
> > happily display stuff using the configured latin1 font even when you're
> > in KOI8-R...)

> Ever tried to view a big5 text file in a UTF8 locale environment in a

If you're in an UTF8 environment, you guarantee that all files on your
system are encoded in UTF8. All I was saying is that any program that
imports a file into your filesystem that's not in the specified encoding is
broken. That in particular applies to mail clients, and any such client that
doesn't cope with it should be deleted. Like elm and pine.

> window. If mutt can do internal recoding, then it's fine,

Which is what I'm saying because it is expected behaviour. Your KMail is
nothing special because it can do it.

> as long as the mails clearly state in their mime headers, which encoding
> they use. Some mails don't do it.

If it doesn't, then it isn't mail, but a piece of electronic garbage. And
yes, some broken emailer from a well-known US software company sends a lot
of those.

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