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Re: [SOLVED]squirrelmail and exim send problem

Op vr 10-10-2003, om 18:15 schreef Derrick 'dman' Hudson:
> | Next, i'll be looking into ssl to get a secure connection.
> What you need here depends on what you are trying to secure.  If exim
> and squirrelmail are on the same machine then you don't really need
> SSL between them.  If you do want SSL between squirrelmail and exim
> then you will definitely need to use ESMTP instead of SMTP (ESMTP
> allows for STARTTLS but SMTP doesn't).  If you want the connection
> between your browser and squirrelmail to be secured then you need to
> work on apache's configuration to use HTTPS in place of HTTP.
> -D

(Late response, been ill)

Well i want to secure the connection from the browser to squirrelmail.
If i understand correctly, the login data is sent in cleartext to the
server? Anyway, it might be an interesting thing to configure apache to
use SSL. Any good docs on this?


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