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Re: "spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ7."

Marc Wilson wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > That isn't right either.  IRQ7 is not the lowest priority interrupt
> How do you figure that IRQ7 isn't the lowest priority interrupt?
> IRQ0    timer tick
> IRQ1    keyboard
> IRQ2    chained to IRQ9
>  |      IRQ8    RTC
>  |______IRQ9    chained to IRQ2
>         IRQ10   free
>         IRQ11   free
>         IRQ12   usually PS/2 port
>         IRQ13   free (used to be the numeric coprocessor)
>         IRQ14   primary IDE
>         IRQ15   secondary IDE
> IRQ3    secondary serial
> IRQ4    primary serial
> IRQ5    free (was the HD interrupt on the XT)
> IRQ6    floppy disk
> IRQ7    lpt

Yep.  You are right and I was wrong.  It has been a long time since I
have needed think about this architecture.  I think I am just going to
crawl back with my tail between my legs on this one.

> The kernel, on the other hand, is sitting there saying "huh, there was no
> interrupt for IRQ7 asserted."


Right or wrong it would have saved the 'net a lot of discussion
bandwidth if the kernel had never printed this diagnostic message!


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